Monday, February 20, 2023

Pendraken Painting Competition 2023

Here we go. I was able to rig up some semi-proper lighting and snap some pictures for the competition. First up are some Italian L3/35 tankettes as previously documented in the prior blog post. 

I can't tell if this photo is blurry so I might have another go at it.

Here's another go...

The tankettes will be entered into the 20th century vehicle category.

And to provide some proper infantry support to those not so hard-hitting tankettes, we have some Italian infantry from the CTV.

In this photo, we get to see some of those nifty support weapons to lay down some extra firepower. These fellas will tossed into the 20th century infantry category.

Next up is a single Revolutionary French officer painted up as Thomas-Alexandre Dumas. Allez! He will go into the single base category.

Here we have some Revolutionary French dragoons, I used AWI Continental dragoons in French helmets as a proxy.

And here is another angle. They will go into the pre-20th century Mounted category.

And the last of the entrants (for now) are some Austrian infantry representing the Ancien Regime and ready to smite out all of that revolutionary fervor.

Forming up in march attack to show off the flag and their powdered hairstyles. These white-clad warriors will head over to the pre-20th century foot category. I intend to enter some French "Les Bleus" as well and I might cobble the whole French collection together and enter it into the Army category.