Sunday, April 26, 2009

DBN: Penninsular Battle

Today, I was able to get together with my gaming buddy Matt to try out DBN. Here's how it went:

Initial Deployment from the French side of the table, both sides were identical in army composition: 8 Musket, 2 Light Cavalry, 1 Artillery, 1 Light Infantry & a General. There were two hamlets (non linear fortifications) in the middle of the battlefied. The game table was 30" square.

Turn 1) French center marches forward in column, while chasseurs e cheval advance on the flanks. On the Allied side, British light dragoons move on the far flank (French right).

Turn 3) On the French left, a brigade of chasseurs e cheval are bombarded by the Allied artillery (receiving one "hit"). French light infantry advance on the unoccuppied hamlet. In the center, the French raggedly advance (due to poor CAP rolls) in column, as the British redeploy in line. The Portuguese remain in column. On the right, two brigades of British dragoons look ready to pounce on a brigade of French light cavalry.

Turn 4) A brigade of French cavalry charge forward on the British right, while the French legere occupy the small Spanish hamlet. The French center continues to slowly move towards the British center and the British cavalry continues to loom ominously on the French right flank.

Turn 5) The French chasseurs e cheval brave cannister fire and charge boldly into the British artillery. The French general (having rolled high enough on the CAP) orders his legere to garrison the hamlet on the left. In the center, the French columns brave the withering British musketry and slam into the thin red line. The Portuguese column advanced to meet a column of French. The British cavalry continues to inexplicably do nothing...

Turn 7) Casualties begin to mount: The French light cavalry brigade on the left is destroyed by artillery fire. The legere dug in the hamlet fare better, surviving a bombardment. In the center, ehe French columns take several hits but manage to destroy a British infantry brigade. The Portuguese column also take punishment. The French right flank is quiet.

Turn 8) It becomes apparent that the center is where the battle will be decided. British musket fire versus the French attack columns, and both generals lcommit themselves to the struggle. Thus far, the Allies have lost three infantry brigades (1 British, 2 Portuguese) while the French have lost one light cavalry brigade and one infantry brigade.

Turn 9) French Victory! The Allies lose another British infantry brigade in the center. The French occupation of the Spanish hamlet on the left anchored that flank, while the British showed a surprising lack of aggression on the French right. This allowed the French infantry brigades in attack column to deliver the coup de grace.

It was my first bona fide game of DBN, both myself (the French) and my gaming buddy (Allies) have experience in DBA, so alot of the mechanics were familiar. The game played fast and relatively smooth. Look forward to playing again!