Sunday, April 9, 2023

Real life and Cibo's Little Dudes

The past few weeks have been a challenge for me. In late March, I suddenly and tragically lost someone very near and dear to me. It's a pain that will forever accompany and I will never be entirely whole again.

The hobby is a diversion from the challenges of real life for me, painting allows me a moment of meditation where my mind is only on the brush, the paint and the figures. I haven't painted much these past few weeks but when I have, its been a haven from the pain of the loss.

Anyway, I finished some initial units for my 10mm Risorgimento project. First up is a unit of Neapolitan line infantry. I painted them in the bigia (a fatigue shell jacket of sorts) and white summer trousers. I imagine other units will have the aquamarine trousers to go along with the blue/grey bigia.

The figures are from Cibo's Little Dudes and the flags are from Tiny Tin Troops. Very pleased with the product and service of both vendors.

Next up are some red-shirted Garibaldini. Cibo only offers one pack of  Garibaldini infantry. Luckily I don't really need any cavalry and I think I can do some conversions to make some artillery crews. I plan to order more figures to flesh out my Bourbon and Garibaldini armies and I will pick up a Papal army as well.


Frostgrave for a Friend

Years ago at one of the HMGS conventions, I participated in a game of Frostgrave with my friends Rob and Bill. We had a blast navigating the frozen confines of the fantasy city with our wizards and warbands. Rob and I purchased the rules and collected factions. We've played the occaisional game since but it never felt proper without Bill in the mix. Bill is more of a boardgamer (and a helluva poker player) and while he paints well, he's never really been big into the painting aspect of the hobby.

Last year I came up with the plan of using spare figures to cobble together a warband for Bill. I sneakily solicited color palette input from him then assembled the figures, purchased a wizard and apprentice (Reaper miniatures) and primed the figures. Then nearly a year of nothing. They fell to the back burner.

A few weeks ago, I was motivated to finish off the project. Finally got them complete and mailed them off to Bill as a surprise gift. You can see them below. I am looking forward to Historicon and that game of Frostgrave with my good friends Rob and Bill.

Though they no longer are mine, these figures will have alot of special meaning to me. I remember when my wife learned that these were a gift for Bill, she told me that I was a good person and good friend. She said this to me shortly before her passing and whenever I see them on the tabletop, I will remember her words.