Saturday, May 29, 2021

Protestant Union Army

I started my 10mm TYW project sometime last year in the late spring or early summer. I had purchased the initial figures for it during Cold Wars 2020, the final HMGS convention before the pandemic shut everything down. Over the course of the pandemic, this was my chief project. It is fitting that I finally completed both armies as things begin to open up again. I am proud that I stuck through and finished both armies for Fleurus. The Protestant cavalry was a real grind to get through. 

The full army: 6 infantry brigades, 11 cavalry brigades, 2 artillery batteries and 3 commanders.

Group shot of the 6 infantry brigades. Mansfeld, commander of the Protestant army, supposedly had brigades of infantry named after colors (red, blue, green, yellow). Even though this was a reference to flags, I decided to paint the brigades in corresponding uniform colors.

"Yellow" brigade.

One of three "Blue" brigades, in this instance it is Mansfeld's foot guards bearing one of his known flags.

"Red" brigade in a brick red tone.

"Green" brigade.

All eleven cavalry brigades, these fellas were a real grind to finish. I really got fatigued painting cavalry midway through. The Protestant cavalry didn't really perform well in the battle. There are accounts of them being fine German cuiiassiers and also of being mutinous rabble. I went with a mix of these two.

Some fine German cuirassiers in an orange color, I painted this unit to be Christian the Younger's personal brigade.

Another brigade of cuirassiers, this time Von Streiff's personal unit showing off his livery and the black bird emblem.

Some of the less well equipped horse, maybe these are mutinous rabble...

Perhaps more rabble. These are a mix of Old Glory and Pendraken.


The Protestant commanders (L-R): Von Streiff, Mansfeld, Christian the Younger of Brunswick

Last but not least, the Imperial baggage train. During the battle, the baggage played a role slowing down the Protestant cavalry attack. Here they are...