Monday, October 9, 2023

RavenFeast Vikings and Krapistani Fighters

With my Texas sojourn behind me, I can home to a mouse infestation in my home. Apparently they made probes and found my dogs dry food in the kitchen pantry. 

While I've been waging a full-time  war of no-quarter on the rodent hordes, I've managed to squeeze in some painting time. I finished up some Krapistani Warlord fighters and some vikings for Big Battle RavenFeast. 

So far I have 7 bases of rank and file Bondi, 4 bases of axe-wielding Hirdmen and two command bases. The center right base with the red banner has my attempt at a raven symbol for Harald Hardrada's "Land Waster" flag. Still need to paint up Tostig, some Saxon rebels (traitors?), berserkers, archers and Scottish mercenary spear. Looking forward to getting my armies done so I can wage war on a 4'x4' tabletop and provide the Ravens with some 10mm casualties to feast upon!

And now on to Krapistan...

Managed to finish up 19 bases of Krapistani Warlord fighters. 13 bases of AK, RPK and PKM armed fellas, 3 command stands (look for the inspiring chaps pointing fingers in random directions) and 3 RPG bases. When I first started this project, I opted to go two figures a base (as per the rules-recommended 3 figures) to make it a bit more manageable and decided to include 2 RPGs on each RPG base. It allows me to visually identify the RPG bases a bit easier than if it was just one gent with an RPG and another with a small arm. 

Since these guys represent fighters of a run of the mill Warlord, they have a mish-mash of drab colors: washed out greys, blues, off-whites and earthtones. The absence of black attire let's you know they aren't followers of al-Kebab. The figures are hodgepodge collection of Flytrap, Irregular, Flashpoint, Old Glory and Khurasan. As you can see that, once painted, they all mix well on the same bases. 

This batch of figures essentially completes my Krapistan project. I will probably add some bits and bobs: some ZSU anti-aircraft guns, perhaps some more mortars, BMPs, T-55s, trucks, (perhaps a BRDM?), etc. but the armies are pretty much finished and ready for gaming.