Sunday, September 15, 2019

15mm Afghan T-55

I've mostly been working on my 10mm Punic Wars based for "To The Strongest" (which I will ultimately post pictures of once complete). A little side project has been 15mm Afghan warlord armies. I plan on collecting two rival warlord armies and using AK47 Republic with them. I have motley collection of Flytrap, Flashpoint, Fireforce, Irregular and CP Models Afgans. 

Anyway, here is my first vehicle for the project. Its a PSC T-55 with some Old Glory stowage. The two tank riders and the chap manning the Dushka HMG are Old Glory Technical crew. The pensive looking tank commander scratching his beard is a Flytrap civilian.

Same tank, different angle. I magnetized the turret which was tricky but well worth it. Once the tank was assembled, I primed it Soviet green and painted the non-green areas. Next came a diluted wash of Army Painter Strong and Dark shades mixed 50/50 with some GW Lahmian Medum. After it dried, I glued to the base and heavily drybrushed it with various shades of dirt colored paints. Final step was attaching the crew and riders. I might add some more gear and hit it with a final coat of matte varnish.

I have to say, I was really looking forward to this project. The T-55 is one of my favorite tanks, its so iconic and has been used in alot of niche and lesser known conflicts. I love the look of old, battered, 3rd World T-55s with various kit and loot strapped on to them. I feel like this model captures that look although I probably need to add more junk to the storage!