Monday, June 23, 2014

The Dux Bellorum Project

While I haven't been posting as of recent, I have been painting (admittedly, in a rather slow fashion). I added two Irish warrior units (one noble, one regular), and some Romano-British Shieldwall and Riders. I am slowly but surely getting to the 32 point goal for Dux Bellorum. Next on my painting table is a dark ages great hall (Total Battle Miniatures), some Saxon foederati and then Noble British cavalry.

Regular Irish to the left, with the Irish Companions to the right (their warlord pointing ominously to the enemy).

The rear of the two recently finished warrior bases, I tried to add some simple plaids, stripes and also keep colors within the Irish dress codes.

The Irish are a mix of Magister Militum dark age Irish, medieval Welsh and Pendraken medieval Welsh.

My Irish army thus far: Companion warriors, two regular warriors, a noble chariot and some skirmishers; 17 points of gaelic fury.

Here is a base of British regular riders (chaps with yellow/green shields). I added a sixth rider to the base, which fills in the base much better.

Same guys, different lighting. All Pendraken.

The British shieldwall, two noble units (white/green and white/blue) with one regular unit (yellow/blue). For the Romano-British, Nobles have banners and white shields while regular units are sans banner with yellow shields.

Rear shot, showing off the draco standards...

I have 20 or so points of British in two regular rider units, two noble shieldwall, one regular shieldwall and one skirmisher with bow.


  1. oh man these look awesome! great colors used on the miniatures and the basing (flocking) look stunning, the basing make the figures pop out which is most pleasing to the eye or eyes :o)

  2. Wow, these are excellent! Lots of great details for such tiny miniatures and the colours are lovely too.

  3. What a beautiful army, great work!

  4. Outstanding job on these. They look great.


  5. Aye really nice work. I like the fact you haven't been stifled by figure ranges and have raided other eras to provide figures to give the troops a more individual . I did more or less the same with my own DA project but used another figure source. After a lot of thought I used deeper bases than you 60x40 for infantry and 60x60 for cavalry. I did this so i could both cram in more figures and take a diorame approach . you can see my efforts at I shall follow your progress with interest. 10mm is a great scale for this era.