Friday, June 11, 2021

10mm British Paras for Falklands

Just completed my first British Para platoon. Each base is a section and the platoon will have some attachments (additional LMGs, snipers, etc) and the company of three platoons will have some heavy weapon support (MILAN teams, HMGs, etc). The figures are Pendraken and are based for Nordic Weasel's FiveCore Company Command

Here is the platoon in front of a Time Cast rocky outcrop. I flocked the scenery and game mat to match the yellowish static grass. The tint in some of these pictures is a bit more green than the actuality.

Closeup of a base that has an officer directing his section. The British Paras presented a unique challenge because I needed to paint British DPM on a 10mm scale. I would have been lost without the guidance of Dougie's Wargaming Blog, Doug has a great tutorial on how to paint and base these same figures and he has alot of knowledge of the Falklands conflict.

A different base with an LMG team (guys in berets).

The full platoon again.

Rearview of a section. You can get a better look at the DPM camo. Overall I am happy with how these guys turned out. I still have two more platoons to paint as well as some attachments and support weapons. Look forward to getting everything done and all the gaming table!


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