Monday, June 8, 2009


Finally finished up my unit for the South American Wars of Liberation. Using the figures from the "Liberator's" line and the guides also available from John Fletcher, I painted up the Burgos.

Not real happy with the flag, it was printed from the web, I am going to try and touch it up by hand. Maybe one day there will be some high quality flags commercially available...

Burgos is depicted in "brin" uniforms that they wore at the battle of Maipo. It's a nice switch from the blue uniforms of the Patriots.

The unit is based for Piquet's Field of Battle. Seems like a decent rule set for the smaller battles of the 19th century.

I really can't say how nice the figures are. Very easy to paint and capture a lot of flavor. I believe they were sculpted by Mike Broadbent. Very nice stuff!


  1. Those guys look awesome. I have some Liberators Lancers painted up as Spanish Lancers for the Penninsular War. Really nicely sculpted figs.

  2. Excellent work, just one comment, the Burgos Regiment officers had red lappels.

    You can see Maipo uniforms at

    Keep the great work you are doing. Hope to see new pictures coming soon