Friday, January 19, 2018

10mm Blucher Austrians

I had mentioned in a previous post that one of the projects I hope to finish off are my Blucher starter armies. I purchased figures for Sam Mustafa's sample scenario ("Along the Danube"), both Austrians and French. I have a good majority of the Austrians done, and the French...well...they are purchased and sitting in bags.My figures are all Old Glory 10mm, which are very nice sculpts in my opinion. I based all "brigades" on a 60x30mm base. The plan is to place a thin 60x40mm laminated cardboard sabot underneath with the remaining exposed 10mm having unit identifiers and stats.

I started trying different painting techniques with these guys. I primed an off white, inked with sepia and then went over the straps and large uniform sections with bright white. I went with speed over detail with the infantry. I was happy with how they turned out.

Also, I apologize in advance for the shoddy photography. With the winter sun, I have a limited amount of natural light and was trying to rush to get some decently lit photos. I may have jiggled a bit with the camera. I ended up tossing alot of photos involving other projects. I will try to revisit these figures when I have more optimal light and steadier hands.

Here are some German infantry in helmet. Each brigade depicts two regiments in the same facings. The figures are on 5-figure strips, each brigade has 6 strips to a base.

Same two brigades from the rear.

Here are some Hungarian infantry in their shakos and blue pants. I must have accidentally ordered/received French command strips for my Austrian Hungarian infantry. I thought something was odd but painted them up anyway, when i finally looked at the package label I realized my error. You can miniature Austrian Imperial eagles on the fanions. Oh well....

And another rear shot..

Some Grenadiers.

And a rear shot showing their bearskin bags..

Austrian artillery in brown, very smart looking...

White coated Austrian kuirassiers


  1. Beautiful work. Thanx for sharing. I’ve got Old Glory Austrians in helmets on my table right now, exploring different ways to paint them. I’ll try your method. Thanx