Friday, January 12, 2018

2018's Projects: Decisions to make

2018 is upon us and I am faced with the question of which projects to purchase, to embark on, which to resume and which I will abandon and sell off. Since I like to march to the beat of a different drum, I often collect projects that my gaming club would consider exotic and even when I collect armies for rules they use, I do it in a different scale! This means, I often collect both sides of a conflict. My 10mm WW1 project is close to complete, although I need more scenery and will ultimately odd some more units. Some of my planned projects (in no particular order) for 2018 are:

1) Finish off my 10mm French and Austrian Napoleonic armies for Blucher.
2) 15mm Renaissance Italian Condottiere armies for Kings of War Historical
3) Finish off my 28mm Frostgrave Warband
4) 15mm Carlist War armies for Blackpowder or Lasalle
5) More 15mm Irregular Wars armies
6) 10mm League of Augsburg
7) 15mm French Wars of Religion
8) Resume my 15mm Biblical armies or sell them off and pursue the project in 10mm
9) 15mm Revolutionary War for Maurice
10) 3mm WW2 Desert War for Rommel
11) Finish off my 10mm Dark Ages Britain for Dux Bellorum
12) And so many more others.....

So many projects, so much lead, so little time!!!!

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