Saturday, March 2, 2019

Palo Alto Continues...

I haven't posted much recently and I haven't posted abut my 10mm Mexican American War project in quite some time. That's not to say I haven't slowly been making progress. I've painted and based all of the regular Mexican infantry, cavalry and artillery for Palo Alto. Here are some cavalry and artillery:

Here is the Mexican 7th Line Cavalry in their post-1839 regulation uniforms. I opted to give them lighter tan and tan/white horses. Not sure if the buglers rode grey or white horses or if they wore reversed colored tunics.

Another picture. These photos were taken with an iPhone and the light wasn't perfect but I wanted to get some pictures up.

Here is a closeup of a lancer stand.

Same stand from a different angle.

Below is the 8th Line Cavalry.

I gave the 8th Line dark brown horses.

 And here is another close-up, this time of the 8th's standard bearer.

Cracker Line/Good Ground Miniatures recently released some artillery for the Mexicans. I picked some up and added them to my Palo Alto collection.

I have a total of 6 stands of artillery which will depict three Mexican batteries.

I painted the guns in unpainted, sun faded wood with dirty metal facings.

Here are some of my American regulars. So far I have 2 infantry regiments and one cavalry regiment. I opted to use the Mexican light infantry in fatigue uniforms from Cracker Line's range. I trimmed off the cap tassels and bugle badges. Most of the swords were removed and knapsack bags were added with green stuff. 

As you can see, I gave one unit the national flag and the other a regimental flag.

Some closeups of the infantry. The command figures (officer, standard bearer and drummer) are from Blaze Away's ACW Union figures. They were also sculpted by Robi Baker, so there is a continuity in sculpt size and style. I lopped off kepi tops and added a green stuff blob to give the impression of the 1839 cap.

I think the converted Mexican light infantry and the Blaze Away command give a good proxy for the US Infantry that are consistent with the Cracker Line Mexican's.

One last look at the converted infantry.

And here we have some American dragoons. Again, these are converted Blaze Away Union cavalry. The only thing converted wit them is the kepi has been converted to an 1839 forage cap via nippers, file and green stuff.

The Blaze Away cavalry have slightly smaller mounts and a little less fine detail but look the part when painted up.

I just bought some of the newly released American Flying Artillery and Mexican Generals. They will be next on the painting list followed by some "red leg" American infantry.