Wednesday, August 5, 2020

10mm TYW for In Deo Veritas

It's been a while since I posted but I have been painting. The real bugbear has been photographing my projects. Recently I picked up the 17th century ruleset In Deo Veritas. After reading through a few times, I liked them so much to start up a 10mm Thirty Years War project with some bags of Glory ECW figures I had in storage. My armies will be based on the first scenario in the IDV rules, The Battle of Fleurus. 

At any rate, here are some pictures of my first Tercio:

I snapped these with an older iPhone so my apologies on the photo quality. With the Old Glory figures, I find they are easy to paint when they are primed black and block painted with simple highlights.

Here is an overview shot to show the Tercio formation. I went with a traditional pike block with some sleeves of shot and "manga" blocks of shot at the corners. All total, there are 31 shot, 24 pike and 4 command figures (standard, musicians, officer): 59 total figures. 

I tried to go with muted colors and a fairly limited palette. The lighting makes them appear a little more vibrant than they actually are.

I hadn't applied static grass on a base in quite some time because my results were always pretty dismal. I picked up the Noch puffer bottle and I have to say I was really impressed with the results.


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  1. Looking great so far 👍
    Hope it doesn't take too long before you get to play?
    If you have any questions then please post them on Helion Wargames Facebook page and you will get an answer fairly quickly.