Saturday, August 22, 2020

More TYW 10mm Progress

Slowly making progress on my 10mm Imperial army for the Battle of Fleurus. Since my last post, I had some reinforcements arrive in the mail (Minifig, Pendraken and Old Glory figures) and I was able to add them into the mix. 

My armies will initially be organized for those present at Fleurus and depicted in the In Deo Veritas scenario. The Imperial army has 4 early tercio units, 6 cavalry brigades, 2 detachments of shot, an artillery battery, 3 wing commanders and an army commander. 

Managed to finish up my 2nd early tercio unit (right), so halfway there. My apologies for the poor exposure and lighting, there was a deceptive amount of light and I took the snaps and uploaded via my phone. I added a MiniFigs musketeer in the front skirmish line. The rest are OG but I will add some Lancer ECW to the next tercio.

Here is an overhead shot to show the formation.

Here is the first unit of cuirassiers. I gave them a dirty red color to horse kit and dark horseflesh (with exception of musician) to give them a semblance of uniformity. Not all of the cuirassiers will be quite so uniform. Mostly OG sculpts with two Pendraken in the second rank. According to what I've read there were about equal numbers of cuirassiers and mounted arqubusiers so I will have 3 brigades of arqubusiers and 3 of cuirassiers.

My first unit of mounted arqubusiers. All OG sculpts with the exception of one Pendraken sculpt in the 2nd rank. I also did a bit of conversion on one of the riders headgear - swapping out the hat for the morion from a pikeman. I lopped the heads off, drilled holes and inserted a pin. Looks good enough for 10mm.

A rear angle shot showing the mounted arqubusiers and cuirassiers. I should mention that I went with a mix of horse colors and a mix of pale reds, yellows and greens for the color palette of the brigade. For future units, I plan to have a brigade of cuirassiers in a violet/purple color which I believe is a livery color for Felipe da Silva - one of the Imperial commanders.

And here we have the one (and only) artillery battery for the Imperial army. Again, mostly OG lead on this base with the exception of the cannon balls and barrel in the rear of the base. 

Same base, different angle.

Last but not least, here are two detachments of shot. In the battle of Fleurus, these guys were from Tercio Verdugo and deployed in a farmstead -  causing significant problems for Christian of Brunswick and the protestant left flank cavalry. Almost all of the figures are OG sculpts, there are a few MiniFigs and a few more headswaps where musketeers in a loading pose ditched their monmouth caps and got morions helmets or brimmed hats as replacements. From what I understand, the monmouth cap was only common with soldiers from northern European areas (which makes sense). 

I have two early tercio units left to paint up, four more cavalry brigades and the commanders. After that, I will tackle the Protestant army.


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