Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba

As I slowly stumble my way through the completion of my 10mm Imperial army for Fleurus, I decided to tackle the army commander himself, Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba. In Deo Veritas rules call for the army commander to be on a 50mm base.

This gave me some additional space to make a vignette and I decided to use Vincenzo Carducci's painting of the battle as some inspiration. You can see the painting below:

In the painting, Cordoba is kitted out in armor with a baton and riding a chestnut horse. A black hat with red feather, red sash and what appears to be blue pants and gold lace trim complete the ensemble. His riding partner has a tan hat, red sash, armor and appears to be riding a grey. 

In the lower left foreground two men are busy mortally wounding each other. One is in yellow and black or brown and the other in red and white.

With the painting as a guide, I went about tackling my army commander and here is the finished product. All of the figures are Old Glory with the exception of the casualty who is from Pendraken. 

Only one of the OG generals was in armor and hat, I decided to use him as Cordoba's escort. For Cordoba himself, I used a sculpt which was carrying a small baton. I painted the clothing and horse kit in a mid blue and opted to forgo the gold trim. 

To help identify the commander as being Hapsburg, and to help fill the base, I trimmed an officer and standard bearer from a command strips and added it to the base. For the officer, I painted him in clothes inspired by one of the two combatants in the Carducci painting. He is decked out in red pants and off white coat. The standard is just a generic ragged burgundian cross in red and yellow. 

The final figure is the Pendraken casualty. I gave him yellow pants and shirt with a dark brown vest and armoured helmet. He was inspired by the other combatant in the foreground of Carducci's painting.

Now that Cordoba has been completed, I only have a few more units to finish: the fourth and final tercio (they seem to paint up well despite comprising of about 60 figures), a unit of mounted arqubusiers and the third and final wing commander base (I believe it is Jean/Johan de Gaucher). After that it is on to the Protestant Union army led by my friend and yours, Ernst von Mansfeld.

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