Sunday, February 20, 2022

More Pendraken Painting Competition 2022!

I finished painting my second unit for the Pendraken Painting Competition. This entry will be for the "Mounted" category and it depicts Grey's Horse, a rebel cavalry formation during the Monmouth Rebellion. I decided to keep to the theme of my initial entry, which was Colonel Brandt's Scythe battalion at the battle of Sedgemoor. 

Grey apparently wasn't the initial leader of Monmouth's cavalry. Grey, while brave wasn't terriblt experienced and he failed to press home his attack across the rhine on the British camp. Had he been more aggressive, who knows what would have happened. As befitting a hastily gathered rebel army, I depicted these riders in a hodgepodge of clothing and gear. There are a smattering of the purple faced red coats that Monmouth brought over with the initial invasion force.

I also decided to add some of the Falklands stuff I painted up in 2021. I painted the Argentine infantry in late 2020 and early 2021 and then tackled the British Para infantry and the vehicles in mid 2021. First up is an Argentine Panhard armored car.

Next up is a British Scimitar (or is it a Scorpion? I think its a Scimitar..). These were fun to paint, I added some antenna sourced from old toothbrush bristles. 

Lastly, I have included a British Para platoon (minus the support weapons). I have to give credit to Doug from Dougie's Wargaming Blog. He provided the roadmap on how to paint the DPM camo.


Well, that's it for now. I am currently working on my final entry for the painting competition which is none other than the Duke of Monmouth himself! Wish me luck, I only have a week left to get him done!


  1. Very nice all around. I particularly like what you've done with Grey's fellows. Good luck with Monmouth.