Saturday, February 12, 2022

Pendraken Painting Competition 2022

 Here is my entry for the Pre-20th Century Foot category, Colonel Brandt's scythe battalion at the battle of Sedgemoor. In Stephen Carter's recent work, Fighting for Liberty, the author notes that many of the scythe companies were possibly converged with the Lyme independent company to form an honor guard of sorts. Carter also notes that the "Fear Nothing But God" battle standard was recovered near where the scythe battalion would have been positioned and may have accompanied the scythes.

I tried to go with a subdued color palette to reflect the tradesmen that would have mustered into Monmouth's army. There are a few purple coats faced red mixed in to represent the coats distributed to the original rebel soldiers. There are also some red and grey militia coats sprinkled in for good measure.

I created the flag from merging several different images in MS Paint and then resizing and tweaking the contrast and brightness in MS Powerpoint. After mounting it, I had to touch it up a bit. I should say that I acquired these figures from the prizes I won in the 2015 painting competition. Last year I entered some Falklands Argentines that placed, hopefully these gents have similar success! I hope to paint and enter some additional entries before the deadline. Wish me luck!