Friday, March 4, 2022

10mm Zulu

 A project that I embarked on prior to the Pendraken Painting Competition was a smallish Anglo-Zulu War project for Daniel Mersey's The Men Who Would Be Kings (TMWWBK). I vacillated between 6mm and 10mm but opted to go with the latter. Almost all of my figures are from Old Glory's 10mm range supplemented by some Pendraken. In TMWWBK, a Zulu unit is comprised of 16 figures. I decided to use the rules as-is but with several smaller figures on a base that would normally have a single 28mm figure so I could get a nice massed look. I decided to base them on 20mm rounds and movement trays (all ordered from Litko).

Anyway, I am finished two married regiments, here is the uThulwana regiment also known as the Dust Raisers (EDIT: upon closer review of the image, this is actually the amaPhela regiment aka "Cockroaches")

Here is a closeup of one of the Litko movement trays I custom ordered. The uThulwana regiment had a white shield with brown spots.

The second regiment is that of amaPhela or the "Cockroaches". I decided to go with this regiment because I like the brown shield and their nickname. 

The two regiments massed in all of their glory. 96 total figures. I have one more married regiment and three more unmarried regiments to complete my Zulu army. Then its on to the British and their native contingents.

I have to say I really enjoy painting the Old Glory Zulus. They are relatively simple sculpts but they are incredibly easy and quick to paint and have about 6 dynamic poses. This project is all about speed painting to a wargames standard and getting them table ready. Look forward to the next regiment!

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