Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The Birth of Krapistan

 One of the first projects I ever completed was my AK-47 Republic "The Lebanon" armies, complete with IDF, Syrian commandos and PLO forces. I've always had a soft spot for AK-47 Republic and a few years back was inspired by a fellow wargamer's "Dafuqistan" fictional Afghanistan. This brings us to my current AK-47 Republic project: "Krapistan"...the fictional country of Krapistan is run by a weak, central government and regional warlords of varying strength. Within Krapistan there is a fundamentalist movement called "Al Jabar Kebab" led by their enigmatic mufti Jabar. 

So far here are the forced of Al Jabar Kebab. Not much painted up, just a BMP-2 (more pictures here), three technicals, two Toyota troop carriers (with magnetized areas for sitting soldiers), an infantry unit and a motorcycle unit. Al Jabar's Kebab's military wing will be based on speed and mobility and firepower and lots of guys wearing black clothing...

Here are the motor bikes. This is the Al Jabar Kebab "MartyrCycle Brigade". These dashing fellas are basically just a truck-mounted infantry unit as far as the rules are concerned (since motorcycles aren't really addressed) but I think they look cool.

Here is another angle, showing off the Chinese version of the Honda CG125 dirtbikes. These sculpts are Old Glory of some kind and are a bit big and bulky but really paint up well.

And now we have some Krapistani government (or warlord) BTR-60s. These are also Old Glory sculpts and they weigh a ton. I wanted to spruce them up and make them more third world so I added crates, oil drums and gear and lots of grime and rust. The turrets and tops of the hulls have magnets embedded to allow tank (or in this case BTR) riders. The Krapistani government forces already have a T-55 previously showcased here.

An army runs on its logistics and here are some of the Krapistani trucks, in this case three Old Glory M35 deuce and a halfs and a Peter Pig GAZ. The M35s can operate as troop carriers or objectives for games.

Closeup of the GAZ , carrying precious fuel and ammo. This will most likely be an objective for capture or destruction in games. A little about this particular sculpt...years ago on eBay, I made a bunch of purchases from an estate sale. I picked up lots of modern 15mm gaming stuff to include this GAZ. The GAZ was in bad shape with some structural damage and a partial paint job. I stripped it and repaired it. I imagine the original owner has either passed on, if that's the case I hope he is looking down and enjoying his lead getting some attention. 

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