Saturday, October 1, 2022

Playing the Currency Exchange Market...

Lately the British Pound has been plummeting and the dollar is nearly equal in value these days. I decided it was good timing to place some UK orders (especially with my birthday nearing). First purchase was over at Baccus 6mm, where I placed an order for Danish and Swedish army packs for the Scanian Wars and an English late 17th century army pack which will be used to augment the Scanian War armies. I was vacillating between a Great Northern War project and a Scanian War project in 6mm but my trip to Denmark really made me intrigued by the Scanian War. 

My next purchase was over at Pendraken; I had a £150 credit from the Pendraken Painting Competition. I picked up a hodgepodge of figures: late 17th century for my Sedgemoor project, some French Revolution figures, early WW1 French and German heavy artillery (I intended on picking up some Belgian WW1 artillery but forgot..oh well, next time), AWI British Legion and finally some Sassanid Persians.

I have had my eyes on the beautiful Sassanid Persians from Pendraken. I have a heap of Late Romans from my Dux Bellorum Arthurian project and I'd like to make a proper Roman army and have fancied making a Sassanid Persian army for Dux Bellorum. I also think the Persians may be my entries for the 2023 Painting Competition. The Pendraken range is fairly small so I also picked up some additional Late Romans to convert to Persians...but Pendraken doesn't have Sassanid Persian elephants.

I am thinking of making a trip to the Magister Militum site and picking up some of their beautiful Persian pachyderms. Of course, I might as well grab some other items while I'm there....


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