Thursday, November 10, 2022

Fall In Convention

I try to make it too all of the big HMGS-East conventions: Cold Wars, Historicon and Fall In and for the past 25 years, I've made nearly all of them. Occasionally I cull the lead herd by selling at Wally's Basement. The last time I sold was during Cold Wars 2020; It was a strange experience because the Covid-19 pandemic was starting to grip the United States and counties in Pennsylvania were starting to shut down large events. I sold among a mass of people not really knowing if I'd get Covid and what it would happen if I did get it. 

Fast forward to this Fall In, I decided to revisit Wally's and sell a lot of my abandoned projects I listed prices very discounted. I sometimes find myself stifled and frustrated when I acquire too many projects that I know won't ever be completed. I managed to have a successful Wally's both in terms of making some extra hobby money and moving on from a lot of my excess hobby stuff. 

Lots of stuff here, almost all of it has found another home.

The rest of the convention was lots of fun. I played in my traditional Friday night naval game with my best friend Rob, GM'd by my favorite game host Brian. Rob and I commanded some Athenian ships and managed to sink heaps of Spartan ships en-route to victory. I am a big fan of the location (formerly The Host) and had an extremely pleasant experience with all aspeccts.

I didn't buy much, just a book on the militias of the Sedgemoor campaign from On Military Matters and some discounted GHQ packs of VAB and M113 APCs for my Ukraine modern micro armor project. Now I need to figure out how I will spend the proceeds from my Wally's sell off!


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