Sunday, January 8, 2023

2023 Begins...

 Its been a few months since my last post. Sometimes real life gets in the way, been trying to keep up progress with painting. I've painted some more 15mm stuff for Krapistan (mortar teams, tanks and carriers) and am nearing completion of that project where I can game it (I imagine I will continue to add to the armies). I painted some 10mm WW1 Belgians, some Blitz Bowl Skaven and continuing to make progress on my 10mm French Revolution project. Here are a few photos of them:

My first Austrian unit. These guys are from the same range as the French but are a bit more static. I like them, they look like they are fighting for the Ancien Regime. I used a combination of GW contrast paint and drybrushing to paint the white uniforms. I like how they turned out and look forward to painting more.

These are French dragoons, likely the only cavalry regiment I will paint up for the French. I used American AWI dragoons in French helmets to depict the French cavalry. I love the green and pink combination.

Lastly is a French mounted officer. I painted this fellow up as an homage to Thomas-Alexandre Dumas. 

I have painted up more that I didn't snap pictures for (more Les Bleus, Les Blancs and some artillery). I am gearing up for a game with one of my friends at the end of January. A refight of the Battle of Palo Alto using Field of Battle 3 rules...look out for more updates on that!

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