Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Fall In 2023

I managed to make it up to Lancaster and HMGS Fall In. I've been attending HMGS conventions for over two decades and it's always nice to return to the The Host (now known as Wyndham). 

This year, I refrained from purchasing too much although I made a significant "donation" in the form of raffle tickets although I didn't manage to win anything (probably all for the better since I have enough hobby clutter). 

I didnt see much in Wally's flea market that piqued my interest, I feel like it's always the same group of fellas who are selling the same stuff I've seen year after year. Rarely do I find something that strikes my eye, although I admit my hobby interests are a bit "niche".

Managed to play in a game of To The Strongest, and every time I play I'm reminded why I enjoy that ruleset so much. I really need to paint up my Macedonian, Indian and Persian armies this coming year. 

Also managed to get in a game of Frostgrave  with my longtime friend and gaming buddy Rob. The brilliant scenery is all Rob's and it really evokes the feeling of a cold, barren abandoned city. , my necromancer (who doesn't have a name yet) and his yellow-clad cultist minions managed some success in this scenario. Here are a few photos of that game:

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