Friday, November 17, 2023

Ace of (re)Base

As I grind away on my 10mm Crimean War project, my mind goes to some possible re-basing projects. I have several collections that I think should be rebased: 15mm IDF/PLO, 10mm Dux Bellorum and 10mm Blucher

For all of these I'm thinking of going thinner (from 3mm to 1.5mm to be precise) and for two of the three, slightly bigger. I'd like to get my IDF/PLO collection based compatible to my Krapistan project since both are for AK-47. For Dux Bellorum and Blucher, I want thinner bases with a little more space for the miniatures and the addition of dice trays. 

I have plenty of figures to paint and it feels s but of a waste of time and resources to rebase but I think it would make me happy...I will keep you posted. 


  1. Got to go with what pleases or you will not be happy. Rebasing can be fun, sometimes things besides play and painting will be needed.

  2. Good point pancerni. I haven't gamed with the '82 IDF/PLO stuff in close to 20 years (although this probably isn't the time to break them out). The Blucher bases are too cramped and I always regretted not incorporating dice trays on the Dux Bellorum bases. Hopefully I can tackle all of the rebasing projects in 2024!