Friday, March 19, 2021

10mm Romans for TTS!

 As promised in my aforementioned post on the Carthaginians, here are their blood enemy - the Romans. I painted up Roman and Allied Latin legions and differentiated them with red and yellow shields respectively. I believe all of the figures posted here are Old Glory.

The first units up are some allied cavalry, pretty basic fellas. I believe they had a clutch of multiple javelins in their hand but I mistook them as mold lines and filed them down a bit. Yikes.

And here are some proper Roman cavalry. How do I know they are proper? The red shields and cloaks of course.

Here is another shot showing the cloaks. My reading indicated the Romans wore a mustard yellow cloak and I added in some dark madder red to color it up a bit.

Some velites, really neat little sculpts and simple to paint up.

Another view of the velites, showing off their fur wolf cloaks. Mixed in some brown fur to get a little color diversity going.

The hastati, Roman and Allied. I gave them a black plume to differentiate them from the princeps. From the back, you can see the hastati are unarmored save for their helmet and shield. From the front its difficult to tell the difference and I like my opponent to know who he's fighting.

Front view of the hastati. These sculpts are angled forward like they are running to get at the enemy. I guess that's what makes them hastati.

Princeps showing off their lovely chain mail armor and their red plumes. In TTS, the hastati and princeps can form a unit with special abilities. I think it gives a nice field for the Roman system of combat in a simple way.

The veteran triarii. These fellas are nice little sculpts. The long spears were separate and attached by means of drilling holes in a dimple on the sculpt's hand. Much less fidly than you would think.

A rear view of the triarii. These guys can straddle squares in TTS and act as a reserve for different units in front of them.

Lastly we have some generals on foot and mounted. You know the drill, yellow are allied generals and red are proper Roman command. I cut up some of the strips to give them more dynamic looks.

Closeup of the Roman army commander. The one chap even has a nice "caesar" cut. How appropriate!

Closeup of an allied foot general.

I have yet to finish their army camp, its halfway done. I have a feeling it may end up a bit underwhelming...we will see.

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