Friday, March 19, 2021

1/3000 Age of Sail - Form on the Admiral's Wake

I love the HMGS conventions, and one of the things I love most about them are Friday night age of sail wargaming with Brian DeWitt's "Form on the Admiral's Wake". Brian is an excellent convention GM, he gets what a convention game should be and he hosts multi-player games that are quickplay, fun and furious for all. His Admiral's Wake ruleset is one of my favorite and it inspired me to purchase hundreds of 1/3000 ships from Forged in Battle (FiB). Over the years I have only managed to paint portions of the French, Spanish and British fleets. Last week, I decided to take on the Dutch fleet at Camperdown (or Kamperduin for all of you Batavians reading this). I would speed paint the little buggers and try to take advantage of the drab Dutch paint schemes and GW's range of contrast paints. It was a success!

Here are the bulk of the Dutch. They are FiB's "small 3rd rate ships" coded NAP-24. Since the Dutch ships were a bit smaller, I wanted to represent them with a slightly smaller model.

Here is another angle of the same ships. The painting process involved prepping the ships (no assembly required), gluing them to bases and priming them Tamiya light grey. The hulls got a wash of GW contrast paint, rigging and masts painted dark grey and the sails where painted Reaper Polished Bone and then stained with a diluted wash of Skeleton Horde contrast. I then followed up with a drybrush of Polished Bone. Some hull details (gunwale stripes and stern windows) and ensigns/pennants were painted, finished up with the blue water on the bases.

Here are the four 74 gun "big boys" for the Dutch. The flagship Vrijheid is on the far right with a slightly different main mast pennant. You'll notice some hull color variation and this was because I used Cygor Brown at first but opted for Snakebite Leather for the remainder.  I also diluted some of the contrast paint with GW contrast medium. I like the variation in hull color and I read references that some ships were darker than others because of age and tar usage.

You may be wondering where the frigates are. If so, you are an observant and keen little admiral! I painted them but didn't upload any photos of them. Overall I am very pleased with the Contrast paints for these ships. They aren't as detail painted as my initial batches but they are good enough and they are done. I will be using contrast paints for the rest of my 1/3000 ships. I plan to use some reds and yellows for my French and Spanish ships. Stay tuned!



  1. They are lovely, how big are they?.

  2. Thanks Paul. They are based on 30mmx20mm bases if that gives you an idea. They are pretty small, maybe about 20-25mm long.

    I checked out your blogs, some excellent stuff! I liked the Oathmark games and the NWF. I see we are both fans of Neil Thomas OHW.

  3. I watched a game of FOTAW at Historicon21 and have since purchased the rules, a Cigarbox Hex Mat and the FIB British Fleet. Have printed my own bases on a 3d printer using your dimensions and am ready to start painting. Have played several solitaire battles and one four player battle with three friends. Have been using WS&IM pieces until I get my mini's painted. Would you happen to have been at Historicon21? I cant remember the names of the two guys who gave me Brian DeWitt's contact information.

    1. First off, my apologies on responding a year plus late. That sounds fantastic that you got your collection up to speed with the FIB ships and the Cigar Box Battle Mat (a man of distinguished and kindred tastes). It sounds like I am the one and same individual (along with my friend Rob) who provided you with Brian's contact info!