Friday, March 19, 2021

15mm Afghan Warlords

 In a previous post, I showed some pics of a T-55 tank I painted up as an Afghan warlord battlewagon. I finally took some pictures of the other Afghan fighters and vehicles. I envisioned two competing factions: one a typical warlord and the other a religious fundamentalist faction. I am nowhere near finished this project and its pretty far on the back burner at the moment but here is some of what is painted up:

BMP-1 (courtesy of Battlefront's Team Yankee range) in the service of the religious fundamentalist faction. I planned on placing a flag for the faction draped on the front fender. I had intended to make the BMP look more ragged  and battle-worn than it ended up. I added random baggage, put some dings in the armor and removed some of the side skirt. Good enough...

Another angle of the BMP, showing the crewman and the other rider. The rider is in the black of the religious fundamentalist faction and is sporting some sneakers (trainers to you Brits). The crewman is a whittled down figure from Flytrap Miniatures and the riders are from the Old Glory modern range.

Peter Pig Toyotas converted to "technicals" with the addition of Old Glory heavy weapons and crewman. The red and blue technicals have .50 HMGs and the white one has a single barreled 14.5mm KPV.

Another angle of the technicals showing the Toyota emblazoned tail gates. The crewman for the KPV was a doozy, I had to perform some frankenstein-style surgery to get the gunner to fit on the seat. The gunner in the blue Toyota had a head swap to give a slightly different look.

Some of the traditional warlord faction fighters. These guys are a mix of Flashpoint, Flytrap, Irregular and Old Glory. I painted them up in off-whites, khaki, greys, reddish browns and grey blues.

Another angle, showing off the different poses and the assorted array of small arms.

Closeup of some RPG gunners. I think the standing guys are Flashpoint and the kneeling are Flytrap.

Some of the religious fundamentalist faction guys in their predominantly black kit and very serious disposition. I gave them a "dushka" HMG for a little extra firepower.

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