Monday, January 29, 2024

Mystery Signet Ring

My brother recently purchased a signet ring that depicts a light infantry or rifles horn with a "WR" and what appears to be a rose or something at the apex of the horn strap (see below). 

The individual he purchased the ring off of stated he believed it was from 1930s UK military unit. 

We've been attempting to identify the unit for a bit of sleuthing fun. Does the "WR" stand for West Riding? The insignia looks like the 6th (Rifle) Battalion, King's Liverpool Regiment? Could it be a Commonwealth unit? Perhaps the wearer's initials? If anyone has any ideas or information, please leave a comment. Thanks! 

UPDATE: a fellow wargamer, "DColtman", appears to have identified it as a ring belonging to the Witwatersand Rifles (see below). The Wit Rifles were a South African unit that saw action in North Africa during WW2. Crazy to think that the ring probably started in South Africa, ended up in a UK militaria shop and now belongs to an American who learned about the identity from a Canadian wargamer! It really is a wonderful, and sometimes small, world...

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