Saturday, January 13, 2024

Ottoman Update

I have a whole heap of Crimean War Ottomans primed but I've been diverted with other projects. I did manage to paint up an Ottoman dragoon unit. According to the Flaherty book, the Ottoman dragoons had some interesting colored tunics (light brown, purple, light blue, etc). I went with purple because you don't often get to paint purple uniforms. I think the color helps break up the blue masses of infantry. 
The Magister Militum Ottoman sculpts aren't their best work. They aren't bad but a bit undersized. 

They probably won't have much success on the tabletop but they will look very smart prancing around. 

The command stand with a very large Ottoman banner. I have another dragoon unit on the painting table, the regular cavalry will be supplemented by some irregular bashi bazouks. 

And some Ottoman higher command. The base will be the senior commander and the single bases will be brigade commanders. 



  1. When you have the chance to paint a purple uniform, you gotta take it! :-)

  2. I think that is canon law in our hobby! Hahaha!

  3. Gonsalvo, do you prefer Battle Command over FOB3?

    1. First off, they are far more similar to one another than they are to anything else. So, rather than an "Apples and Oranges" situation, it's McIntosh vs Granny Smith!. As Brent says, BC is NOT FoB4. We had a discussion about this at Historicon 2023 with a number of veteran FoB/Piquet players. There was no consistent verdict.

      FoB3 - definitely easier to teach, as you can only do what you can do in the moment. Can have wild impetus swings. More "wasted" cards.

      BatCom - More choices due to the Matrix effects. Less wasted cards. Less impetus swings, but sometimes you can do a REAL lot on a card with Many options. Players who don't like being restricted may prefer it. Harder to teach as everything is often on the table right way.

      I'd happily play either over any other Napoleonic set any day. I actually think I am going to run the same scenario twice at Historicon 2024, once with each My own personal preference is... Battle Command by a nose!