Sunday, January 7, 2024

Ravenfeast: Berserkers and Scottish Mercenary Spear

This will be a quick post (as far as pictures go, I may ramble a bit with the words). I have had a bit of a scatter-hobby brain this past month or so. Prior, I had been pretty focused on the 10mm Crimean War project. For several reasons, I have been dabbling in different projects this past month: Turnip28, some Krapistan, 10mm Fenians, Crimean War, 10mm French Indo-China and some 10mm RavenFeast. I really need to regain focus!

Anyway, here are some Scottish spear that appear in the Viking army list for Stamford Bridge. 

The figures are Magister Militum Dark Age Irish and Welsh if I'm not mistaken wasn't sure how to paint their shields but I went with a natural leather drab. I kept the color palette to earthy blues, greys, greens and yellows. The majority of the project consists of Old Glory but they don't have Scottish spear so I went with these as a proxy. They will do the job. 

And here are some Berserkers.

These are Old Glory berserkers. I think there's only base in all of the three scenarios. I picked up a pack of the OG berserkers even though I'm only using four of them. 

Pretty cool sculpts. 

This evening, I remembered that I have a bunch of 6mm Franco-Austrian War that I bought during the pandemic. Even tho I also have the same armies in 10mm, I think I need to paint and base these for Field of Battle. But I digress...

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