Saturday, January 13, 2024

Fenian Fever!

I've been working on my 10mm Fenian Invasion project. The plan is use the rules from the Army of Ireland boardgame and tweak it a bit to my taste and to the tabletop. Scale will be roughly 10/1 so each base is a company of about 50 men. That will give me about 17 or so bases for each side with some optional bases for hypothetical what-ifs. Let's start with one of the units that wasn't present at the battle of Ridgeway but may be in my tabletop refights...the Governor General's Bodyguard (GGBG):

The figures are Pendraken and the sculpts depict them in their campaign uniforms with the pillbox hat instead of the helmet. 

I used the Osprey book on the Canadian military from the period of the Fenian and Metis conflicts. 

I found some conflicting evidence regarding their bandolier. A black and white photo depicts one of these chaos with a natural leather bandolier although I have also read and seen depictions with this bandolier in white. 

Some Fenians charging at you in this picture. These are a mix of ACW Union and Confederates.

I painted these guys up in a mix of Union uniforms, Fenian attire and civilian garb. Green jackets and kepis and green trim on Union blue was also popular. I found the flag image online and scaled it down to 10mm and printed it out. I'm not sure if this one was at Ridgeway but it's too cool not to include on the tabletop!
Canadian militia charging right at you!

The redcoated Canadian militia depict the 13th Hamilton militia. There were about half a dozen companies of this unit present at Ridgeway. Some aspects of the Canadian uniforms were a bit tricky with the black/blue pants on these guys and the Queen's Own Rifles (QOR) blackish rifle green uniforms.

Speaking of the QOR and their dark green uniforms, here they are. There were about a dozen companies of the QOR present and I am halfway finished painting all of them. 



  1. Very nice indeed. I'm tempted to do the same.

  2. I rather like your 15mm Fenians, you got the color down for the QOR very nicely.