Thursday, May 8, 2014

10mm Irish for Dux Bellorum

I finally finished up some 10mm Irish/Scotti as an opponent for my Sub Roman British. The bulk of the figures are Magister Militum, with some Pendraken mixed in. I decided to start with three bases: Warriors, Skirmishers with javelins and a Chariot. I know there is debate about use of Chariots, but as a wargamer...why not? Here are the three bases arrayed for battle:

The Chariot was a breeze to assemble and paint. The rider looks a little too "celtic" for me, I regret adding a vest to him to make him more "Irish". I added some Pendraken miniatures as chariot runners to make the base less sparse.

The Warrior base. Entirely Magister Militum figures from several ranges. I tried to keep the colors along Irish laws regulating what and how many colors people could wear.

The Warriors back sides...

And yet another angle...

Irish Skirmishers, a mix of Pendraken and Magister Militun.

The Irish surging towards Sub Roman British Shieldwall.

I will tackle more Sub Roman British next, possibly some Noble Shieldwall, then some Noble Riders. After that, more Irish.


  1. The units look great and excellent painting....... well done!

  2. Phil, just saw your blog. Awesome painting! Love the basing too. Thanks for your compliments.

    1. I have to say your 10mm miniatures painting is just awesome and its obvious to me you know what you are doing with your painting, i.e. color choices, flocking bases etc. I'll say it again :o) your 10mm painting is awesome! cheers