Thursday, January 22, 2015

Risorgimento Continued...

It has been a while since I revisited my 10mm Risorgimento project. Other projects and real life have interfered with this neglected lead pile. Recently I noticed Pendraken released some new figures to their 19th Century (Crimean I think) range. I have always wanted to paint up a Neapolitan Bourbon army to refight Volturno. With the release of Italian infantry in greatcoat by Pendraken, I decided these were a good enough proxy for my Neapolitans. I ordered some as well as some Austrian uhlans to act as Bourbon lancers. Here are my first two complete units:

Rear view of the Neapolitan line infantry. I am sure they are nowhere near perfect, but they are the best sculpts (and very nice sculpts at that) for the Neapolitans. They are depicted wearing the grey/blue overcoat with madder red trousers.

The flag is made from heavy tin foil and hand-painted. I am very pleased with how the foot turned out. The Neapolitans can't fight a lick, but they sure are pretty!

Some Bourbon lancers, I should mention the colors are darker than the photos indicate. Dang flash!

The rules for wargaming this when I get my armies complete will be Neil Thomas' 19th Century set. Now I need to paint lots of Garibaldini ti fight my Papal and Bourbons...


  1. Great painting and basing. Are the figures based on 40mm width MDF bases?


  2. Thanks Richard, much appreciated! I opted for a less conventional 30mm frontage for this project (19th Century 10mm). Infantry on 30x15 and cavalry on 30x25.

  3. I am just starting a 10mm 1866 army for use with Neil Thomas rules. Will you scale the movement etc. in line with 30mm frontage or use those as stipulated in the rules?

  4. Awesome!!! What pendraken codes does the infantry has?? Thanks.