Saturday, January 19, 2013

Irregular Wars: Woodland Indians Battle

I have always been interested in the Age of Discovery and the wargaming potential of the conflicts. The Irregular Wars ruleset allows me to recreate these battles. This past October I visited Jamestown, Virginia which rekindled my interest for the period. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated 15mm range of Powhatan Indians. I opted to go with the Khurasan "pre-contact" Iroquois as my generic Eastern Woodlands Indian battle. For Irregular Wars, the Woodland Indians have three primary combatant types: Veteran Warriors, Warriors and Scouts. I decided to use the Khurasan Noble Warriors with armor as my Veterans, a mix of bow, club and shield for my Warriors and lighter equipped Iroquois and allied Indians as my Scouts. Thus far, I have seven bases (or "companies") complete. I will be adding more later.

Veteran Warriors:
I am awaiting an order of Freikorps Tudor English to start off my English Adventurer Battle. I am also contemplating an order of East Riding Miniatures and Grumpy's to supplement the Freikorps. In the meantime, I will continue to work on the Woodland Indians and some Spanish Conquistadors.


  1. Beautiful painting, I keep looking at these Khurasan figures, I may have to get the wallet out after seeing your lovely figures!!

  2. Thanks Ray, appreciate the kind words. Love your stuff, it both motivates and shames me to get my Sedgemoor project back up and kicking.