Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Pledge, a Budget and a Plan

My New Year's resolution is to paint more than I purchase on the year, and to try to keep my monthly figure expenditure around $30 per month. That limit doesn't include books, magazines and supplies, but I will also try to keep those purchases to a minimum as well. It will be difficult, but progress and savings need to be made!

My January purchase was geared towards Irregular Wars. February's budget is already earmarked for Irregular Wars as well.
January's Purchase of Freikorps' 15mm Tudor Wars range comprised of:
24 Mid Tudor Arqubusiers
8 Mid Tudor Longbowmen
8 Mid Tudor Pikemen
8 Mid Tudor Foot Command
8 Elzabeth's Wars Sword & BucklerMen
4 Tudor Wars Demi Lancers
2 Frame Guns and 8 Crew

That is 64 Foot, 4 horse and 2 artillery pieces with crew. For a slow painter like me, that will be a tough number to surpass for the month! I went slightly over-budget, but close enough and it is the thought that counts! These figures will go towards my English Adventurer battle. I plan on using them as one of the primary enemies for my 15mm Woodland Indians. Hopefully I can collect some Spanish colonials, French Huguenots and Dutch merchantmen for them to get into scrapes with!

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