Saturday, February 16, 2013

Progress of Sorts

I ordered three Iroquois Longhouses from Acheson Creations. They were about $5 each and when I received them, I could not have been happier. Cast in a grey colored resin, which seemed more durable and more "plastic" than other resin buildings I have. I primed it with black Krylon Fusion and gave it a series of drybrushes of various grey and tan shades. Based on plastic styrene, I flocked my typical manner. I can't recommend these buildings enough and look forward to more orders from Acheson.

They are displayed above with my Iroquois war party. I have been working on my English Adventurers as well as more "Naturals". For inspiration, I started reading Warpaths by Ian K. Steele, which is very good thus far.

Also, have been watching "The New World" for additional inspiration. Wish me luck on more progress...


  1. I did look at buying these a while ago, but Acheson never answered my emails, so I didn't bother going back to them, but they look very nice anyway.

  2. Sorry to hear about that Ray, wonder if it got caught up in spam filter. They had great service, if you decide to give them another try...

  3. Unusual and very nice!