Friday, February 22, 2013

Spray Can Fiasco!

Finished up two bases of Conquistadors (arqubusiers and targeteers) and two bases of English Adventurers, one last step was to dull-coat varnish them....a quick first spray and horror! I had accidentally picked up the Testor's black primer instead of Dullcoat! The cans are very similar:
(The "BLACK" written with a Sharpie after the incident.)
The damage, while it appears minimal at first glance, may require me to strip down the figures and start from scratch. There is black spatter on these three bases, it appears one base of Spanish Targeteers escaped the blast radius:
 (The base in the middle took the most damage.)
 (Alot of the damage isn't really visible, but trust is there.)

(Above and below is the one base that escaped damage.)

Before the spray can incident, I was very happy with how the figures were looking. They are a mix of Khurasan, Naismith and QRF. I am awaiting on some more QRF English. I am trying to motivate getting back on track with my European explorers/adventurers. Wish me luck!


  1. Uh oh!!! Your the 4th gamer that's blogged about this kind of mistake in the last couple of months. I've not done it yet? But I can still see my pal Fran's face, a mix of anger and pain!! I bet (and hope) you don't do this again!
    with condolences

  2. i did the same thing many years ago with my GW Dwarf Anvil of Doom. Beautifully painted centerpiece model, but half of it is grey. It's never been on the battlefield since. I don't have the heart to take it out of the case.

  3. I've done that before and it makes me sooooo furious. All of that time wasted! I set them to the side and never finished redid them. I guess it's my monument to the big mistake!