Saturday, February 8, 2014

10mm Schleswig War Update...

Finished up some more units for my 10mm First Schleswig War project. Real life has impeded my progress a bit, but here are some additional figures, first up a second Schleswig-Holstein infantry unit and two Schleswig-Holstein jager units: 

Also finished up a unit of Dragoons for each side. The blue comes out lighter than it actually is in reality due to camera flash. Below are the two regiments ready to come to grips with each other:

A closeup of the Schleswig-Holstein dragoons, only one pose (not including the command figures), but the arms can be adjusted to create more "movement" within the masses.

The Danish dragoons. The red tunics really "pop" with the light blue. Multiple poses.

Next up are some additional infantry and some artillery for both sides. I will follow that up with some command bases and yet more infantry....wish me luck.


  1. Really nice! I've just been basing some up 10mm 1848 Danish myself and was unsure about the base sizes I'm using. You have given me encouragement to crack on!

  2. Very nice!!! A very under played little period!