Tuesday, February 18, 2014

15mm Muskets & Tomahawk

At last year's Fall In, I played in a French & Indian War game (I think it was the Battle of Carillon using Carnage & Glory). While I wasn't a huge fan of the rules, I picked up a bunch of 18mm Blue Moon F&IW figures. Around the same time I also purchased 28mm Warlord figures and the Muskets & Tomahawk rules. Since then, all of these purchases have sat untouched. This is my effort to put an end to that inactivity.

I gave decided to go ahead with M&T using 15mm figures. This will help facilitate me painting up some forces of Native Americans, French and British Colonials. Here is my first unit, six Native American warriors:
I photographed these with a scenic landscape setting, no flash. Seems to have a "sepia" tone to the image. 

I tried to go with a consistent color scheme of red, blue and pale yellow. I really like these figures, like most Blue Moon, they are very easy to paint. I still need to clean up the edges of the bases and add a marking on there to denote the front of the base.

I tried to add a bunch of different types of ground litter, rocks and foliage to depict the "wilderness" on the bases. Next up will be another unit of Native Americans, a sachem and then some Campagnies Franche de Marine. I also need to get back to painting some 10mm Schleswig War too...