Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Indulgences: Saxons and Cataphracts

While I should be plugging away at more Irish and British to complete my armies, I decided instead to give into something different. I opted to paint some Saxon Warriors and Late Roman Cataphracts, now that I finished I can return to completing my Irish and British armies.

The Saxons are a hodgepodge of figures found within the ranges of Magister Militum and Pendraken. Saxon foederati from the Pendraken late roman range, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings from Pendraken/MM dark age ranges, and some Magister Militum Dacians.

I decided to go with a dark red, black and off-white color palette for the Saxons. Since one of the original invaders was "Horsa" (which I believe means horse), the white horse was used as their icon. I added simplistic white horse motifs to the banner and two of the shields.

The Late Roman cataphracts are from Pendraken. Beautiful two piece castings, I had some difficulty aligning the torsos with lower bodies in anatomically accurate poses. I should add that was an issue with my poor concepts of anatomy, not any fault of the castings.

I went with a purple, red, silver and gold color palette since they represent the cream of the Roman heavy cavalry. They may also represent a British warlord's companions in other battles.

I hope to update soon with more British and Irish additions to my 10mm Dux Bellorum collection.


  1. once again a great painting job on these fine 10mm figures....the painting is top notch and the detail on these are awesome...excellent!

  2. Great looking work, how do you find mixing the Pendraken and MM figures? I found the medieval MM range to be taller and bulker than the Pendraken. Looking at your pictures I don't see much difference. Are the dark age MM figures at better fit with the Pendraken?