Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ironic Inspiration...

I received my copy of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy in the mail today. As I was thumbing through the magazine, I cam across an article on painting 10mm dark ages figures. Accompanying the article were some photos of beautifully painted 10mm Picts. I don't have any Picts yet but have often been tempted by Pendraken's awesome range...the eye candy got me motivated to tackle my 10mm dark age armies sooner rather than later and I was grateful for the inspiration provided by the author and his finely painted army.

Anyway, as I read the article I saw this very blog mentioned! I forgot that the author, Paul Burkin, had emailed me months ago to kindly ask my permission for him to mention the blog. I completely forgot!!!! At any rate, I want to thank Paul for his incredibly kind words regarding my blog and also thank him for providing me with inspiration with his amazingly painted Picts! Thanks Paul!

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