Saturday, September 29, 2018

Off Topic: A Dragon Ogre

In high school, I played a good amount of Warhammer. I owned an Orc and Goblin army. My buddy had Dwarfs (or is it Dwarves?) and Chaos. He had a few dragon ogres and I always thought they were really cool sculpts. Years later, I decided to pick some up on ebay for relatively cheap. One of the sculpts was missing a hand so I bought a cheap Reaper sculpt (kobold maybe?) and used the sculpt's clenched fist with shield as a replacement for the dragon ogre.
Anyway, here is the finished dragon ogre. I painted a simple design on the shield which was inspired by the "time is a flat circle" imagery of the TV series True Detective. 

I gave the upper torso of the dragon ogre a greenish flesh tone which was achieved with a pale green followed by a green ink and an over brush of pale green mixed with pale flesh color. I'm pleased with the result but I am less pleased with the ogre's eyes. I am never good at eyes and rarely paint them but with a model this big I couldn't avoid it. I hope to tackle the rest of my dragon ogres, I think I have 5. Ultimately, I'd like to make an oldhammer chaos army comprised of dragon ogres and centaur type beasts. They'd have to be all OOP sculpts but not necessarily GW. We'll see.

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