Saturday, September 29, 2018

Palo Alto Update: 2nd Light Infantry and Tampico Coast Guard

I've had these units painted up for a while, but have been delayed in basing them. Finally got to that last night and snapped some photos of them today. First up is the 2nd Light Infantry.

I really like these sculpts of the Mexican Light Infantry in fatigue uniforms. In fact, these will form the bulk of the American forces as well. I will do some minor conversions to make them look more "American".
I hadn't yet attached the flags to these units when I took the photos. I will touch the flags up with some paint to make them look more unique and vibrant.

Next up are the Tampico Coast Guard. I wanted to make the Coast Guard look a little different than the regular line infantry so I mixed in sculpts of the 4th Light Infantry. They lack backpacks and some even lack shoes. I feel like they add some character and make the Coast Guard battalion a little more "rag tag" in nature which was my intent.

You can see the lack of backpacks on the 4th Light Infantry sculpts. Next up in this project is the 7th Line Cavalry, which should make a colorful contribution to the Mexican force with their red tunics and green facings.

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