Sunday, November 24, 2013

Irregular Wars Update

Its been a while since I posted, although this doesn't mean I haven't been painting and gaming (and of course adding unpainted lead to my collection). A good many games of Irregular Wars have been played by the Dulles Area Historical Gaming Society (DAHGS). My Colonial Spanish:
Crossbow, Militia Shot, Field Gun, Mounted Arqubusier, Rhodeleros, Militia Pike, Conquistadors and Padre. I still need to paint up my Herrereulo, War Dogs and Indian "Allies".

Another shot of the Colonial Spanish, with my "Spanish" villa in the background. The English would love to pay those buildings a visit.

English Adventurers: Gentlemen Pike, Ship's Gun, Billmen (in Tudor green livery), Longbow, Militia Pike, Gentlemen Adventurers, Adventurers. Still need to pick up some Cimmaroons and make a sniper fig. When the Khurasan Elizabethans are released, I will pick up a good amount to make into a continental English army.

I've added to my Indians, more scouts, warriors and noblemen in wooden armor. I also added this shaman. He is a Tinglit (sp?) shaman from Eureka, I made his daggers into rattles and gave him an Iroquois mask and a fur cloak. Some skulls of vanquished enemies in front of him. I hope to paint up my Irish next, and the Scottish/English Borderers after that.

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  1. Great to see. I have added you to my recent post about projects people should follow.