Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Project: 15mm Jacobites

I have a very complicated love/hate affair with Jacobites. Years ago, I collected 28mm Highlanders and ultimately sold them off after painting a few foot units and some horse. After that, I painted a decent amount of 15mm Jacobites for Warfare in the Age of Reason. Those two were sold off in order to finance other projects. There were several packs of Old Glory English and Jacobites in my closet and after years remaining in their original packaging, I decided to paint some using a new technique for me. I primed tan then inked the figures with Vallejo "Sepia" ink. This allows me to see the detail on the sculpts and the inked tan hides any spots that I miss. Thus far I have finished two foot and one dragoon unit, based on 25mm squares for Maurice:
I have yet to add flags for my foot, partly because I haven't found flags I like. Most 15mm flags seem way too small for my taste. I will have to either print my own or use 20mm flags.

I painted the yellow faced unit first and didn't really give grenadiers' mitre caps their appropriate due. I painted the buff-faced unit's grenadiers with a little more love.

I have to say that these Old Glory sculpts are very, very nice. They are also extremely easy to paint.

So, back to the "hate" part of my relationship with the Jacobites...Plaid! In 15mm, plaid can be a pain. I usually paint plaid with a simple pattern and limit the amount of plaid to a minimum. Most of my plaid is on a red or green background. The pattern is "painted" in with a black Micron ink pen. I try to keep non-black patterns to minimum.

This is the only finished base of Highlanders so far. I have half of the Royal Ecossais and some more Highlanders painted but not yet based. I hope to be more regular with my blog updates in the future.


  1. Looking very nice. I really like your plaid - but for me, it is a reason not to do 15mm Scots! = )

  2. This is a brilliant shortcut for doing tartans. What size Micron pen do you use?