Sunday, November 24, 2013

Old and Older Projects

I have tons of 10mm figures from 19th Century Europe: Prussians and Austrians for 1866, Danes and Germans for the First Schleswig War, Papal and Garabaldini for the Risorgimento, and on and on... Unfortunately, most is unpainted. Anyway, here are some 10mm Danes and Schleswig Holstein foot:

Gotta love the pretty "chocolate box" uniforms of these guys. The figures are based for Neil Thomas rules. I need to paint more of these 10mm figures,
I like cast-on flags in 10mm, some of Pendraken's ranges have them, others don't. The Schleswig range doesn't have cast-on flags. I decided to add flags made from the tin seals on coffee cans. It is a thick foil and I am happy with the result.

This is a very old project from a decade ago: 6mm Maxmillian Adventure. Figures are Irregular, I thought of using DBA variant for the Civil War. The guys on the left are Imperial Mexican foot followed by Imperial Lancers, Austrian Legion (maybe Belgian, not sure) and finally Republican Mexicans. Nice little figures. The thing about Irregular 6mm; unpainted they look like little blobs of lead but when painted (and they paint easy) they really give a good depiction of what they are supposed to be.


  1. Nice looking figures, i quite fancy the Maxmillian War myself!

  2. The Irregular 6mm look very impressive. Well done.