Saturday, May 6, 2017

1914 in 10mm

Its been a while since I have posted to the blog, this inactivity hasn't necessarily meant that I was inactive painting and gaming (and certainly not inactive making hobby purchases)! I have been a bit lazy in posting for quite some time. I hope to remedy that and post some photos on projects that I was working during my hiatus from blogging.  However for this post, I will focus in on my current project: 1914 in 10mm; specifically the opening months of the war on the western front when French still marched towards the battle in the blue and red uniforms of past glory. 

My plan is to collect and paint a division each of French and Germans and will hope to add some British and Belgians later. The figures are mostly Magister Militum; I love the sculpts so much. Unfortunately, there are some gaps in their range. Notably dismounted cavalry, higher command and some of the more exotic troops (German Jagers, French Zouarves and Turcos, etc.). I will probably fill these gaps with either Pendraken or Kallistra. The Pendraken seem much smaller and slight and I have heard the Kallistra are much bigger.

Here is a French battalion (sans Hotchkiss attachment), each base is a company and has three figures. The command base has two figures, an officer and a bugler, so a full company is 14 figures plus an optional HMG attachment.

Another view from the front. I imagine this is what the Germans on a hilltop would see...

 The same unit from the rear and including the HMG attachment. You'll notice the unit distinction. In this case, this specific unit is from "blue regiment, white battalion". 

My cavalry regiment, for the French they have dragoons with  the later metal lances.

Two French 75s with spotters. The bases comprise of Magister Militum crew with Pendraken artillery pieces. While I love the MM range, their 75mm left a little to be desired. It seemed a bit small, the Pendraken sculpt seemed a tad big but was more attractive and appeared sturdier and less fiddly to assemble.

Same artillery pieces differentiated by color with their respective spotters. I plan to make each battery two guns. Right now I don't have enough guns or crews. 

My painted force thus far: six battalions ("red" and "blue" regiments, "white" is currently being painted. Red and Blue are in advancing poses while White will be in firing/defending poses. I am also working on my first two battalions of Germans. For rules, I plan to use a set called "Take Action", which were designed by Steven over at the HAWKS wargaming club: The rules fit on a page of paper (front and back) and play is fun, fast and with period feel (at least for me). I have played them at various HMGS conventions and have a blast every time.

These little 6mm Highlanders are from another project but a fellow gamer asked me to post a picture of them so he could see how they look. Long live Bonnie Prince Charlie!!!


  1. I do 1914 French and Germans with Kallistra and love'em. They are bigger than Pendraken but then they are 12mm not 10s. They also have jagers and dismounted cavalry, uhlans, etc.
    Your's look great!

    1. Joseph: do you know how they match up to Magister Militum? I'd love to see a comparison of their WW1 ranges. I may have to order a few sample packs to find out.

  2. Great paint jobs on your figures very nice! Champion work!
    What thickness bases are you using I think thinner ones would compliment your figures better!

    1. I believe 3mm thickness. It's funny, on some projects I prefer thin bases and on others I like the thicker ones. For this period, I wanted a thicker base to aid in unit identification. Thanks for the kind words!

  3. love the highlanders...
    can't wait to get my WW1 stuff painted up so we can get a big game in!

  4. Hi i have shared your work on my 10mm Wargaming page and 10mm Wargaming group

    Take care


  5. I have a Division of Early War British and one of German, the idea was to fight Mons, but i need a load more for that, and a 12' x 6' table at 10mm :D

  6. Kim: what manufacturer are your figures? A division a side can allow you to fight some of the parts of Mons. That's the approach I plan to take with the Marne and Frontiers.