Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pendraken, Magister Militum and Kallistra Comparison

Since deciding to go with the limited (but beautiful) Magister Militum range for my 1914 project, I've been trying to figure out ways to fill out gaps in the figures I would need. MM Crimean War Zouaves and generals should make decent enough counterparts for WW1. One item that I sorely needed were dismounted dragoons and uhlans. Pendraken have some dismounted options and so do Kallistra.

I ordered some Pendraken figures and was disappointed to see how small and slight they compared to MM. I then ordered some Kallistra. Well, they arrived in the mail today and, as I had promised, decided to post a comparison picture of the three ranges:

(L-R: Pendraken Dragoon kneeling, MM infantry kneeling, Kallistra Dragoon kneeling, Pendraken Dragoon standing, MM infantry standing, Kallistra dragoon standing)

As you can see for yourself, the Pendraken are considerably smaller than the Magister Militum and even more so than the Kallistra. I'd say the difference in difference is the same going from Pendraken to MM as it is to go from MM to Kallistra. The MM and Kallistra are virtually the same height kneeling, although the standing poses do show more of the size difference. I think I will probably go with the Kallistra dismounted dragoons and uhlans to complement my Magister Militum armies, however I will probably just stick to MM conversions for everything else I need.

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